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Andhra Pradesh In Festivals  - Deepavali

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Andhra Pradesh is situated in the Southern India and happens to be the third largest state in India. The rich culture and tradition of the state is reflected in the celebration of the different festivals. Deepavali or the Festival of Light is such a festival that is celebrated with much fun and gusto.

In the Indian states, the festivals are celebrated with much charm and splendor. In Andhra Pradesh, the festivals are celebrated with much pomp and show. The Festival of Light that is known as Deepavali is an occasion that calls for jubilation. Deepavali means row of light. It is celebrated on the new moon day which is known as Amavasya in India.

The Festival of Light has a Hindu mythical association. It is believed that on this very day, the demon called Narkasura was killed in the hands of Lord Ramachandra. This day is also important to the devotee of Ramachandra as on this day he returned to his kingdom of Ayodhya after killing Ravana. The Hindu legends also affirm that on this very day, Bali gifted his kingdom to Vamana, one of the Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

On the day of Deepavali in Andhra Pradesh and in India, in general, Lakshmi or the Goddess of wealth is worshiped. There is also an auspicious ritual of preparing dishes with 14 varieties of green leaves. There is a customary ritual on this day of Deepavali to light Diyas or lamps in every household. The children joined by the elders as well burn fire crackers.


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