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Andhra Pradesh In Festivals  - Holi

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Andhra Pradesh, a southern state of India celebrates a number of festivals. Some of them are their very own and others are celebrated with pomp and gaiety by the people Andhra. Among the Festivals of India, Holi or Festival of Color is a cause of jubilation in Andhra Pradesh.

Holi in Andhra Pradesh is celebrated on the the month of Phalguna that is March according the English calender. Holi is observed on the full moon day or Purnima. This Indian Festival has close association with the Hindu myths related to Lord Shiva.

It is believed that during Lord Shiva was meditating, cupid shot his arrows to inflict love in him. But Shiva was outraged by this disturbance, he burnt cupid to ashes by the power of his third eye. When Cupid's wife asked for mercy to Lord Shiva, he granted a wish that he can come back to his original form only on this particular day of the year.

Starting a week or so before Holi, a ritual of burning dry woods and sticks is performed. The people celebrating this ritual perform dance and music surrounding the holy fire. The merry making continues with offering of grains to the fire. Specially the Banjaras in Andhra Pradesh perform this rite very religiously. The following day is celebrated with colors.

Holi is actually the Festival of Color. The vibrant colors are used to smear each other. This is a festivity of fun and frolic and at the same time this festival drives away the negative spirits to give rise to fellow feeling.


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