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Andhra Pradesh In Festivals  - Muharram

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Memorizing and paying homage to Hasan and Hussain on their death anniversaries, Muharram is followed in all parts of Andhra Pradesh. Indicating the dawn of New Year of Muslims, the festival primarily involves mourning sessions that are organized by both sunni and shia communities.

Being the grandsons of Prophet Mohammed, Hasan and Hussain hold an intensely pious place in the hearts of the Muslim people. As such, the entire Muslim sect becomes bereaved members of Hazrat Mohammed's extended family and sacrifices every possible source of mirth and exultation during the ten days of Muharram. While the sunnis are found in green attires, the shias

wear black clothes to express their grief and agony on the occasion.

Since Hussain was assassinated in Kerbala by the battalion of king Yazid, the battle scenes are posted in all the shia mosques. During the entire period of Muharram, the women of shia community wear off all types of jewelleries and other items of make-up. Instead, they leave their hairs uncombed and wear sober colored cloths to mourn over the death of Hussain.

In Hyderabad, Muharram starts with the occurrence of the new moon and goes on for 14 days. Drum-beating is a common custom that is practiced in the place during the festival. At the end of the 14th day, followers of Prophet Mohammed and his descendants come to the streets with bowls to beg for alms. They approach every house of the city to collect as much victual as possible.

In some parts of Andhra Pradesh, a group of ardent followers beat themselves with chains to express their agony over the death of Hussain. They are even found strolling the streets without any footwear.

The whole festival of Muharram not only signifies the extreme feeling of loss of the Muslim groups but also shows the passionate dedication of shia and sunni followers who take every possible pain to compensate for the death of the two great successors of Hazrat Mohammed.


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