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Andhra Pradesh In Festivals  - Sri Rama Navami

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“Sri Rama Navami” is one of the most popular and celebrated festival of Andhra Pradesh which is observed with much pomp and show through out the state. Ram Navami marks the birth of Lord Rama, the main character of the religious epic of “Ramayana”. Also known as “ Kalyanotsavam”, this festivals also commemorates the marriage of Rama and Sita. The state celebrates the festival of Sri Rama Navami for a continuous period of ten days when the devotees indulge in “fast” and prayers to seek the divine blessings of the eternal Lord Rama.

The temples of Andhra Pradesh are adorned with flowers to make them look

attractive and beautiful. The temple committees organize “Rathyatras” of Lord Rama, His wife Sita, Lord Lakshmana and the Hanumana to show their devotion to the God. The religious epic of “Ramayana” are read through out the state to revive the glorious events that led to the establishment of the “Ram Rajya”.

The colorful event of Sri Rama Navami brings all the people of the state together and binds them with love and fellow feeling for one another. The people buy new clothes and decorate their houses with flowers. The entire state turns into a festive mood and people observe all the rituals with complete devotion and dedication. Many people narrate incidences from the Hindu religious text of “Ramayana” and recount the valor and divine strength of the Lord. The South Indian people sing “Bhajans” or devotional songs in praise of Lord Rama.

The people of Andhra Pradesh forget all their worries during this ten days period and celebrate the festival of Sri Rama Navami with full faith in the eternal “Being”. The festival of Sri Ram Navami provides the people of the state with a platform to interact with new friends and strengthen old ties.


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