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Andhra Pradesh In Festivals  - Ugadi

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The “Hindus” of Andhra Pradesh celebrate the festival of “Ugadi” in the month of March and April, with much pomp and show. The “Ugadi” festival marks the beginning of another year among the Telugu people of Andhra Pradesh. As per the lunar system of the astrological calculations, the festival of Ugadi is observed on the “Shukla Paksha” of the “Chaitra Masa” during the spring season or the “Vasant Ritu”. Apart from the religious significance of the festival, Ugadi also has a considerable economic and social influence on the people of the region.


The spring season is associated with the birth of new life when the dry branches of the trees or plants sprout new leaves and makes the ambiance look vibrant and colorful. In the similar way, Ugadi also signifies the beginning of a new year when one can forget the past and make an wonderful start. According to a religious legend, it is said that the Lord Brahma who is the creator started the “Creation” of cosmos on this day of “Ugadi” or the “Chaitra Suddha Padhyami”.

Special Arrangements for the auspicious festival of “Ugadi”
The Telugu people buy new clothes and decorate their houses to mark the festival. The people hang the leaves of mangoes at the entrance of their houses for a prosperous year, and worship Gods and Goddesses to seek their divine blessings. The Telugu people of Andhra Pradesh prepare several lip smacking delicious foods to satisfy their appetite. Some of the delicacies prepared on the auspicious occasion are the “Ugadi Pachchadi”, “Pulihora” and “Bobbatlu” which are cooked with special care to suit the occasion. The festival of Ugadi also offers the poets and writers of the Telugu literature with a platform to express their talents in the numerous “Literary Fairs” that are organized throughout the state.

The people of Andhra Pradesh extend a warm welcome to the “Telugu New Year” or “Ugadi” where they forget their past failures or achievements and look forward for a better and prosperous year ahead.


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