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Andhra Pradesh In Festivals  - Varalaxmi Vratam

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Celebrated mostly by the married women, Varalaxmi Vratam is one of the oldest festivals of Andhra Pradesh. The festival of “Varalaxmi Vratam” is devoted to Goddess Laxmi and is observed with strict religious rituals. It is believed that Goddess Laxmi is the epitome of Wealth, Earth, Love, Learning, Fame, Peace, and Pleasure. The married women keep fast and pray for the well being of their husbands on the day of “Varalaxmi Vratam”.

The festival of “Varalaxmi Vratam” is celebrated with much fanfare all over the state. On the day of “Varalaxmi Vratam”, married women wake up early to perform the “Puja” of the Goddess of Wealth.

A holy thread which is yellow in color is tied in the hands of the married women. The women clean and decorate the place of worship of the Goddess with a bronze or silver pot which is filled with rice, water, lime, betel leaf and nuts which is a sign of prosperity. The Goddess is offered with many kinds of home made sweets. The women sing devotional songs in praise of the Goddess and invoke eternal marital bliss.

The festival of “Varalaxmi Vratam” has an important religious significance which reflects the respect , love and devotion of a woman towards her husband. Married women wear new clothes and jeweleries while observing the religious rituals on the day of “Varalaxmi Vratam”.

According to a religious legend Goddess “Parvati” had asked Lord Shiva to prescribe all the married women with a ritual which would ensure peace and prosperity on earth. In response to the request, Lord Shiva narrated the story of “Charumati” who was rewarded by the Goddess Laxmi because of her devotion towards her husband. From that day till today, the entire womenfolk observe fast on the day of “Varalaxmi Vratam” to seek divine intervention.


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