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Cuisines of Mumbai

Mumbai is a gastronome's delight. The city has all the delicacies that the exotic India has to offer. However you can relish all the delicacies that a coastal region offers, along with the native fast food delicacies such as Bhelpuri, Pav Bhaji and Pani Puri. Bombay has a contagious influence of rich and mildly spicy styles of cooking from the peripheral states of Maharashtra and Gujarat region along with those of Parsis's delicacies.

Bhelpuri is a typical Bombay delicacy - a sweet and spicy combo of puffed rice, onions, boiled potatoes, puri, coriander, mint, chillies and chutney. Pav Bhaji is an assortment of cooked and soiced vegetables such as peas, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and onion along with a bread bun.

Pani Puri is another mouthwatering delicacy that is lightweight puffed semolina or flour cakes, eaten with a filling of boiled pulses, spices, tamarind chutney and spicy water.

Mumbai has many more exclusive cuisines on its delectably rich menu. A typical Maharashtrian Thali /Platter consists of recipes such as curries, rice, sweets, etc. As a complete and highly fulfilling diet for a person the thali has 4 chapatis, pulses, vegetable, curd, rice, salad, and dessert.

Dhan Sak is a well Known Parsi delicacy - Dhan means wealth and this dish is luxuriously prepared with a mixture of mutton, tripe, various kinds of lentils enriched by many vegetable. There is one Min Vela Curry - a mixed fish curry made of pomfret, mullet and mackerel with a dash of spices, tamarind and coconut. As a regional specialty Bombay Duck comes high on the list of a foodie's menu. It is strong smelling small fish, which is served in various ways, dried in the Sun the bummelo is powdered and sprinkled over a curry. Fresh bombil is wrapped in chili powder, saffron, and wheat flour and deep-fried till it is crunchy on the exterior and mushy interior.

Another well known dishes of Mumbai include Bombli Batata Bhaji, Kamag Kakri, Solachi Kadhi, Those with special fascination with non-vegetarian food may well make rounds to Mohammad Ali Road, which comes alive with the onset of fading Sun and the place is electric with food buffs. Here you can savor delicacies like baida (egg) paratha, boti kebabs, biryani.


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