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Culture of kerala

Kerala, the land of high literacy and development, is rich in green, fertile land; beautiful beaches with golden sand, and magnificent backwaters. Besides these, Kerala is blessed with a rich cultural heritage. The culture of Kerala sprouted as a combination of Aryan and Dravidian influences. In the later ages, the culture of Kerala was expanded by the contact with the neighbouring regions and overseas cultures, which also gave it more vibrancy.

The Dravidians, the ancient rulers of 'God's Own Country', had left a great cultural legacy, whose reflections are still very much evident in the customs

and heritage of this fascinating land. Majority of the people in Kerala are Hindus. However, there are significant communities of Muslims and Christians.

The people of Kerala are simple, culturally inclined and traditional, with a love for feasts and festivals. Malayalam is the official language of Kerala. The people in Kerala are referred to as Malayalees. However, there are many English speaking communities in Kerala. According to the 2001 census, the state has attained a literacy rate of 90.86 percent, which is highest in the country.

The traditional costumes of Kerala are mundu and neriyathu, for both men and women. Saree and blouse also form the traditional costume of Kerala women. However, the men and women can be seen in the modern costumes in great numbers, such as jeans, trousers, T-shirts and churidar kurta for women, and jeans, trousers and T-shirts for men.

Kerala's cuisine is an integral part of its culture. Rice and fish are the staple food of Kerala. Due to abundance of coconut trees, coconut is the major ingredient in the daily meal. Seafood is very popular in Kerala. Coffee, tea and buttermilk are the popular drinks in Kerala. The dishes like payasam, sambar, rasam, puzhukku, puttucuddla and pulisherry are very popular in the state.

Kerala is world-famous for its performing arts, which is an interesting combination of music, dance, mythology and theater. The classical dances in Kerala are Mohiniattam and Kathakali. The traditional ritual arts in Kerala include Mudiyettu, Theyyam and Kummattikkali. The classical music in Kerala is based on raag-taal. It is popular for Sopanam. Music is an integral part of the daily life in Kerala. The traditional folk songs are sung on the social occasions such as childbirth and marriages. There are also some devotional songs such as Maripattu and Ayyappanpattu, which are rendered along with playing of the string and wind instruments. All of these colours the culture of Kerala with rich and vibrant hues.

Kerala is renowned for its carvings in rosewood and sandalwood. The sandalwood items, handlooms, metal work and woodcraft of Kerala are very popular. The state boasts its rich style of oil paintings. The use of henna to paint the body parts such as hands and feet gives unique identity to the state. Kerala boasts its singular art forms of floor paintings and drawings (Kalamezhuthu). The martial art forms are very popular among the tourists. Kalaripayutu, Parisa Kali, Valeru, Njaninmel Kali, Velakanni and Kunderu are the forms of ancient martial arts, which are still practiced in the state. The ancient medicinal system of Ayurveda also achieved its pinnacle of growth in Kerala, and this ancient practice is still carried out in Kerala with great authenticity.

Kerala is known as the land of festivals. The people in Kerala are very social and the festivals are marked by the family get-together, joy and excitement. Onam is the most important festival in Kerala. At this time, the famous boat races are held in the state. Some of the popular Hindu festivals are Maha Shivratri, Navaratri, Vishu and Deepavali, which are also celebrated across the state, and not necessarily only by the Hindus. The Muslim communities in the state celebrate Bakri Id, Muharram, Miladi Sheriff and Ramadan. Kerala has significant Christian population. They celebrate Easter and Christmas. However, the popularity of Christmas is not confined among the Christians alone, but has a state-wide appeal.

Malayalam literature has an ancient heritage and a modern thrust. In the second half of the 20th century, Jnanpith awardees like S. K. Pottekkatta, G. Sankara Kurup and M. T. Vasudevan Nair have enriched the Malayalam literature. The state has its own calendar known as the Malayalam calendar that is used to plan the religious and agricultural activities. 

Costumes of Kerala
Kerala's people are very simple, and this innate simplicity is reflected in their costumes. The traditional costumes of Kerala are simple and decent. Women of Kerala are not loaded with make-up. Mundu and neriathu are the traditional dresses for both men and women of Kerala.  Read More...

Handicrafts of Kerala
Kerala is one of the wonderful and most crowded tourist destinations in India. Besides its natural beauty, beaches and backwaters, Kerala is famous for its incredible handicrafts. The tourists to Kerala are floored with choices for shopping, that ranges from golden bordered white silk sari to colourful wall hangings, from decorative lamps and coir products to beautiful gold and silver jewellery in traditional designs. Read More...

Dances of Kerala
Kerala has a long tradition of ritual and performing arts. Social and religious history of Kerala greatly contributes and perpetuates to the evolution of these arts. Dances of Kerala are integral parts of Kerala's socio-cultural life. They are performed on the occasion of religious festivals and social events such as childbirth and marriage.  Read More...

Business and Economy of Kerala
The business and economy of Kerala has been showing an encouraging growth trend, which is reflected in the overall prosperity of the state. The per capita GDP of Kerala is Rs.11,819, which is much higher than the national average.  Read More...

Languages of Kerala
Malayalam and English are the most commonly spoken languages of Kerala. The official language of Kerala is Malayalam. However, English is also widely spoken. Tamil and different adivasi languages are also spoken by the ethnic minorities of the state.  Read More...

Media of Kerala
Kerala is one of the highly literate states of India. Kerala's people are friendly and cultural. They don't like to live a secluded life. They prefer to maintain a gregarious lifestyle. Hence, it is natural that the state places great emphasis on the news sources.  Read More...

Sports of Kerala
Both ritualized and popular sports are played in Kerala with jest and exuberance. Some of the popular sports of Kerala are cricket, badminton, soccer and kabaddi. Cricket and football are very popular in the state.   Read More...

Tourism of Kerala
What is a vacation? Vacation means excitement, vacation means enjoyment, vacation means thrill, vacation means sightseeing, vacation means shopping, vacation means adventure, vacation means having delicious cuisines.  Read More...

Kerala Music
In Kerala, classical music exists within every person you will come across. People are fond of folk music in Kerala. Infact, for every occasion there is a set of corresponding songs. The traditional music of Kerala is very melodious and an absolute delight to the ears.  Read More...

Religions in Kerala
Kerala has a unique amalgamation of many religions. There is no such accurate religion of Kerala, as people of many religions co-exist harmoniously there. However, the major religions in Kerala in accordance to the number of followers are Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.  Read More...



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