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Best of Karnataka Tour

Duration: 15 days and 14 nights

Destinations Covered: Goa, Badami, Bijapur, Hospet, Hassan, Mysore, Ooty, Munnar, Cochin
The Best of Karnataka Tour, as the very name suggests is a fantastic tour that gives you the privilege to visit the best tourist destinations in the state. In just 15 days the Best of Karnataka Tour will help you explore several attractive places.

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Day 1: Arrival at Goa

After your arrival in Goa, you will be cordially received by our representatives who will take you to the hotel. You can rest for the night at the hotel to get over your tiredness.

Day 2: Sight Seeing at Goa

Goa is well known for its lovely sunny beaches. However there is much more to Goa than just the sand and the surf. A sight seeing tour of the state of Goa will surely be very enriching. It will reveal aspects so long unknown. The tour includes places like Maura Bazaar where a fair is hosted on a weekly basis. You will also be taken to the various temples like Shri Mangesh Temple in Madgoa, Shri Shanta Durga Temple, Shanteri and Shri Ramanath Temple in the Shri Ramanath Panchayatan, a temple complex at Ponda. In addition to these the pleasure of basking in the golden beaches or taking a dip in the azure waters of the sea is always there. We will halt for the night at Goa.

Day 3: From Goa to Badami, Night Stay at Badami

In the morning just after breakfast we will set out for Badami which is located at a distance of about 187 km from Goa. The journey over the Western Ghats is sure going to be very thrilling because of the photographic landscape around. After arrival, we will check in to the hotel at Badami and rest for the night.

Day 4: Sight Seeing at Badami, Night Stay at Badami

Immediately after breakfast we will go to visit the temples at Aihole and Pattadakal. These temples are reflective of the heights achieved in the field of art and architecture by the Chalukyans. You are sure to be stunned on witnessing the architectural skills of our ancient craftsmen. At the end of the day long day visit, retire to your hotel in Badami.

Day 5: From Badami to Bijapur

On this day we will start for Bijapur. The journey to Bijapur is also going to be very nice and stretches for a distance of about 132 km. After arriving in Bijapur, we will check in to the hotel and simply relax.

Day 6: Sight Seeing at Bijapur, Night Stay at Bijapur

The whole day will be devoted to visiting this beautiful place of Bijapur. The various tourist destinations that will be covered in this day long tour are Gol Gumbaz, Mohammed Adil Shah's Tomb ( the tomb has the world's second largest dome), Jama Masjid, Ibrahim Rauza (a tomb and a mosque), Mihatyar Mahal and Begum Mahal. All of them are very important historical structures that are at the same time manifestations of superlative architectural dexterity. We will spend the night in the hotel at Bijapur.

Day 7: From Bijapur to Hospet, Night Stay at Hospet

The day begins with an excursion to Hampi. You will be simply stunned to see the lotus temple. The exquisite sculpture work, the beautifully carved stone chariot, the amazing musical pillars make it very interesting to watch. The next tourist destination is Hazar Rama Temple. Finally we reach the hotel in Hampi and rest to prepare ourselves for the next day's visit.

Day 8: From Hospet to Hassan, Night Stay at Hassan

We will drive from Hospet to Hassan which is about 355 km away. Then we will check in to the hotel for Hassan is our halt for the night.

Day 9: Excursions to Belur and Halebid

The day will be spent in going for excursions to two historical places in Karnataka - Belur and Halebid. We will be returning to our hotel in Hassan at the end of the day.

Day 10: From Hassan to Mysore

In the morning we head straight towards Mysore. After reaching Mysore, you are free to spend your time as you please. You can either relax in the hotel or go on a shopping spree to the markets in Mysore. Shopping in Mysore will definitely bring a lot of joy. It is truly what you call a shopper's paradise. Finally return to the hotel to take rest.

Day 11: Sight Seeing at Mysore

The whole day has been kept reserved for this city. We will first be going to the renowned Mysore palace followed by visits to the Somnathpur temple and the beautiful Brindavan Gardens. You can also go around the jasmine and sandalwood markets and do remember to collect a few items for they are superbly aromatic.

Day 12: From Mysore to Ooty

Today we will be proceeding towards Ooty and on the way we will cover various other places. The Bandipur and Mudumalai Sanctuaries, the Pyakara dam are mentions worthy among them. After arriving in Ooty, we will go to the hotel to rest for the night.

Day 13: Sight Seeing of Ooty, Night Stay at Ooty

This lovely hill station is sure going to take your breath away. The tranquil lake, the extensive greenery of the Botanical gardens, the beautiful Sim's park - all contribute to making this place a paradise on earth. You are sure to be impressed by its scenic beauty. Explore this pleasant place the whole day through.

Day 14: From Ooty to Munnar

The day begins with a trip to Munnar. Set amidst a very picturesque locale, Munnar is very captivating. There are many cascades that fall on the way to Munnar. The calm and serene atmosphere of the place has a very soothing effect on our tired souls. For those who are adventure loving, there is much in store for you as well. The visit to the Eravikuloam National Park is sure going to be very exciting. You can also spot many wild animals at the park. The night will be spent in a resort in Munnar.

Day 15: From Munnar to Cochin

This is the last day of Best of Karnataka Tour. In the morning we will set out for Cochin. After reaching Cochin we will visit the Jewish Synagogue and the Mattancherry Palace. Then you will be taken to the hotel where you can get refreshed and prepare yourself to board the flight back home.

The Best of Karnataka Tour comes to an end but memories of the tour are sure to remain etched in your mind forever. The sheer variety of The Best of Karnataka Tour is amazing.

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