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Tour Destinations In Karnataka - Mangalore

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Mangalore district is a panorama of palm-fringed beaches,lush green fields and enchanting forests. It is sheltered by the soaring western ghats on the east and the mighty Arabian sea roaring along its western shores.With an important port,this coastal town is a major commercial centre.The lifeline of the district, the National Highway No 17 almost runs parallel to the sea for over 95 kms in the district. Nowhere does the distance between the highway and the sea exceed more than a few kilometers.

Mangalore,the district headquarters, has a long history of maritime trade. Though developed as a business and commercial centres Mangalore still retains

its old world charm-old tile-roofed buildings amidst coconut groves, fishing boats silhouetted against the darkening skyline, fishermen hauling in rich catch of fish,sea food served in spicy coconut curries. Mangalore is a remainder of the good times of life. The district offers a wide range of interesting places for both pilgrimage and pleasure tourists such as Dharmasthala, Subramanya, Kollur, Udupi, Karkala, Venoor and Moodabidri.

Places of Interest

Mangaladevi Temple
Mangalore city derives its name from the presiding Deity Mangaladevi, the Goddess of fortune. The 10th century temple is situated 3 Km. away from main City Bus stand. This temple built by the Ballal family of Attavar in memory of a Malabar Princess - a princess of Kerala, is a tile roofed low structure.

St. Aloysius College Chapel
The Chapel is situated a km away from Nehru Maidan Bus stand, on the light house hill. The chapel built in the year 1899-1900 has exquisite frescoes covering the walls and the ceilings. The 19th century paintings were painted by the Italian trained Jesuit priest Antony Moscheni.


Kadri Manjunath Temple
The Temple is situated 4 Km. away from Nehru Maidan Bus Stand, at the foot of the Kadri Hill reputedly inhabited by local Yogis. The Kadri Temple, a square shrine with a pyramidal roof dates back to about 1068 A.D. The seated idol of Lokeshwara, a three-faced figure with six arms, 1.6m high is reputed to be one of the best bronze statues in India. On top of the Kadri hill, there is a 'Jogimutt' and some stone caves known as the caves of the Pandavas. They attract a lot of pilgrims every year. There is also a park having Snakes & Animals Zoo, Toy Train and a beautiful garden.

Light House Hill-Garden
The 18th century light house, believed to have built by Haider Ali, is situated a Km. away from the Bus Stand. There is a garden there and One can get a beautiful view, of the sea, the sailing ships and boats from there.

Sultan Battery
The watch tower constructed by Tipu Sultan, is situated 4 Km. from the City. Built in Black Stones, it gives the impression of a miniature fortress with its arrangements for mounting cannons all-round.

Shreemanthi Bai Memorial Government Museum
The museum just beyond the KSRTC bus stand has a small collection of antiquities. Wooden carvings of divinities such as Bhairava and Hanuman, stone sculptures dating back as early as 13C, porcelain and a remarkable bronze bell with a miniature Lakshmi shrine are found here.

How to Reach

By Air: The Air port at Bajpe, just 16 kms from Mangalore city could connect the district with other major cities and other countries. Major airways services have been flying here.

By Train: Rail connectivity to Mangalore is available courtesy the Konkan Railways, Kerala -Mangalore Railways and Hassan Mangalore Railways.

By Road: As one of the major cities of Karnataka, Mangalore enjoys good connectivity with the rest of the state. National Highways 48 and 17 connect Mangalore to other major towns in the country. Both KSRTC and private buses ply frequently from and to Mangalore.

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