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Tour Destinations In Lakshadweep - Androth

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ANDROTH is the nearest island to the mainland and has an east-west orientation unlike other islands lying in the north-south direction.It is the Largest island in the Lakshadweep.Thick vegetation mainly coconut groves ,add to the beauty of the island.It was the first island to embrace ISLAM. The Saint Ubaidullah,who is belived to have converted the people of islands to islam,died here and his tomb still remains in the Juma'at Mosque. Religious preachers from here are held in high esteem.Fishing industry is well developed,next only to Minicoy and Agatti.Coir and Copra are the major products of the island.

10o-49*North Lattitude 73o-41* East longitude,located 293 kms, from Cochin.


Land Area:
4.90 sq.Kms

Enjoys a moderate Climate


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