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Culture Of Pondicherry

Earlier History | Culture  | Facts & Figures | Beaches  | Cuisines | Festivals | Around Pondicherry

Pondicherry culture is very rich and diverse. It is a place where the cultural impacts of several traditions have merged to form a cultural in itself. The glorious past is reflected well in the cultural practices of the people of the union territory of Pondicherry.

The dominant cultural practices in Pondicherry are mainly influenced and inspired by the traditions and customs of the people of the Tamil origin on one hand and the lifestyle of the French colonizers. The spirit of the union territory of Pondicherry lies in this unique fusion.

The Pondicherry people, culture, festivals together contribute to the lively ambiance of the place. Various fairs and festivals form an integral part of the culture of Pondicherry. Several aspects of the daily activities and lifestyle of the people are celebrated in these festivals. There are festivals dedicated to food and handicrafts as well.

During the colonial period a tradition of practicing art and crafts evolved in this place. Till date many people of Pondicherry work to keep this age old tradition alive. The local people are involved in making various dining mats, candles, incense sticks, wooden serving mats, screen paintings, batik paintings on clothes, etc.

On a trip to Pondicherry, the French Rivera of the East you will discover how in the two sectors of the place both the French and the Tamil culture are celebrated and maintained with equal enthusiasm.

The presence of two dominant influences have made the Pondicherry culture complex but very vibrant at the same time.


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