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Welcome To Pondicherry - Poompuhar  

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This is a beautiful spot located about 40 kilometers from Chidambaram. This used to be one of the largest ports in ancient times. Poompuhar is also known as the place where two famous works of ancient Tamil literature, namely, Silapathikaram and Manimekalai were composed. A splendid art gallery located here strives to present the ancient ambience of the region by resorting to 2nd century décor. For those with an interest in history and literature of South India, Poompuhar is an attractive destination that can be visited during tours of Pondicherry.

How to Reach Poompuhar

By Air: The closest airport from Poompuhar is Thiruchi. Air Lanka and Indian Airlines operate services to Sri Lanka from Trichy. The air service to Madurai, Chennai and other important cities of India is operated by all the major airlines in India.

By Rail: Thanjavur, the district headquarter is connected to towns/cities like Thiruchi, Chennai and Nagore. Chennai is connected to all the major cities in India by railways.

By Road: Bus services are available from Thiruchi, Nagore and Chennai for Thanjavur. Various interstate buses also ply from Tanjore.


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