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Earlier History of Karnataka

Earlier History | Culture of Karnataka | Facts & Figures | Beaches in Karnataka | Cuisines | Festivals | Around Karnataka

Karunadu of the ancient times and Karnataka of today has a rich culture and history that goes back as far as the pre-historic times. In fact the history of Karnataka is traceable to the stone ages and a stone axe unearthed at an excavation site near Raichur confirms this fact.
History records indicate that the people of Karnataka were competent with iron instruments and iron implements that date back to the 1200 B.C. have been discovered near Dhaward and Hallur in Karnataka, South India.

Maurya rulers played a very important role in the history of Karnataka followed by the cultural influence of Chalukyan kings. Hoysalas, Bahamani and the Adil

Shahi kings, have played a very important role in the history of Karnataka, South India. The Sattavahanas, Nandas, Pallavas and Ganga rulers have made their contribution to the culture and history of Karnataka.

The Badami rulers were the ones who integrated entire Karnataka under one rule as a whole. Badami Chalukyas constructed architectural splendors in Aihole, Pattadakal and Badami, the ruins of which still stand proud as reminders of a rich cultural heritage and history.

The Hoysala temples in Belur, Halebid and Somnathpur give you a glimpse into the rich cultural history of Karnataka, South India.

Krishnadevaraya, the greatest warrior ruler of Karnataka turned the course of Karnataka's history. An excellent administrator, scholar and art connoisseur, Krishnadevaraya consolidated Karnataka under the Vijayanagar Empire after Mohammad Tughlaq's army nearly destroyed the Hoysala capital at Halebid.
Vijayanagar flourished in prosperity for a long time till the Wodeyars of Mysore came into the picture. The Wodeyar rulers lost their capital to one of their own army generals, Haider Ali. Haider Ali and his son Tipu Sultan faced British attacks with political assistance from the colonial French armies.

In 1799 the British succeeded in annexing Karnataka and placed the Wodeyar rulers back on throne, who managed Karnataka till India gained independence in 1947.
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