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Karnataka Facts & Figures

Earlier History | Culture of Karnataka | Facts & Figures | Beaches in Karnataka | Cuisines | Festivals | Around Karnataka

Karnataka Facts & Figures
Located in the southern part of India, Karnataka is the 8th largest Indian state by area and 9th largest by population.

Location: South India

Area: 1, 91,791 sq km

5, 27, 33,958 (2001 census)

Capital: Bangalore

Climate: Semi-tropical

Languages: Kannada, Tulu, Konkani, Kodava, Hindi, English

Religions: Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Jainism

Literacy rate: 67%

Best Time to Visit: November to February

International Airport: Bangalore Airport

Major Industries: Electronics, Computer Engineering, Aeronautics, Machine Tools, Watch-making, Electrical Engineering, Aluminiun, Steel

Major Festivals: Mysore Dasara, Karaga, Ugadi, Kail Poldu

Major Fairs: Banashankari Devi Fair, Yellamma Devi Fair, Sri Vithappa Fair
Tourist Attractions: Forts, palaces, havelis, wildlife, sand dunes, religious places, fairs and festivals, safaris, handicrafts, etc.


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