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Culture of Tamil Nadu - Costumes

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Indian costumes have earned their global recognition, on the strength of their beauty and elegance. Many admire and love Indian costumes a lot, specially the costumes of Tamil Nadu. Sarees have a special place in the costumes of Tamil Nadu, and are an essential part of the state's heritage.

The traditional costume for the Tamil Nadu women are saree and blouse, while for the men, the traditional costume comprises of lungi or dhoti as the lower garment, and angavasthram as the upper garment. Lungi is worn like a sarong. However, nowadays, angavasthram is frequently replaced by a shirt on the top. The western wear is gaining currency even in the traditional society of

Tamil Nadu, specially among the men, who now prefer to wear shirts and trousers instead of lungi and angavasthram.

In Tamil Nadu, sarees are available in various materials like cotton, chiffon, silk, georgette, crepe silk, organza, Pattola silk, micro silk, etc. Kanchipuram silk sarees of Tamil Nadu are very famous, and are worn by women on important formal occasions or occasions of celebrations, like wedding. Sarees in Tamil Nadu generally have lengths of five or six yards. There are also nine-yard sarees, which is used mostly by the Brahmin community of the state, after their marriage.

However, salwar kameez has also become very popular among the ladies of Tamil Nadu. Salwar Kameez is like a loose trouser where the top end is wide and the bottom is narrow. Some salwars have shrink in the bottom which is called a 'churidhar'. And the tops of these dresses are called as 'kameez'. Women also wear embroidered saris, kurtis and salwars, etc. Kurtis is a top wear which is very short. Its ends at knees and is now used along with jeans by many women. And this is a very beautiful fusion. Many ladies from Tamil Nadu and elsewhere in India prefer to wear this instead of a t-shirt, with jeans.

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